Natalie Maaden Spa Guelph

We're on a mission
to set the new standard for
what it means to be a spa.

That's why our first priority is to foster a community and culture
where everyone feels confident, valued, and like they’re part of something
bigger than themselves.

Not all hair removal treatments are
created equal.

If you're feeling frustrated with tedious shaving or other painful hair removal methods, then Laser might be for you. Laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction, longer lasting and more satisfying results, and it'll save you a ton of time and energy in your daily care routine.

Our process is safe & pain free.
We use FDA approved,
medical grade Laser technology.
Free consultations means there's
no commitment to find out
if laser is right for you.

Why we love it here.

The best spas should be known for being authentic, transparent, and judgment-free spaces. At Natalie Maaden our goal is to continue to cultivate this experience for our clients.

Kind words from our community

Hi, I'm Natalie.

For me, I’ve always found myself feeling intimidated or self-conscious, when walking into a spa, and I wanted to build a place where everyone can feel comfortable the minute they walk in the door. We're more than just a spa, it’s a place where we have the capacity and the power to ensure each person leaves us feeling more confident, and with a smile on their face.

All Heart.

Our clients are the heart of our business. We believe that their needs should be met with personalized solutions, and we strive to provide a place where self-care and wellness is achieved, a place where confidence comes from feeling your best.

makes the Dream work.

We believe that aestheticians are experts in their craft, and should be highly valued for their precision, wisdom, and individuality. Our goal is to offer superior services that meet individual needs.

We are privileged to work in an industry that plays an essential role in helping to promote people’s personal growth and vitality.

Kind words from our community

Kind words from our community

I absolutely love the tranquil and welcoming setting this spa provides. To escape the stresses of everyday life I look so forward to my monthly signature facials with Jaclyn! I love my lashes by Julia! Booking an appointment with Anita is a must if you are looking at skin tightening! And as I hit menopause and re-live acne outbreaks I would be lost without Kim!
Angie from Guelph


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