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Dr. Rivers created the Corrector after customer feedback to address visible hyperpigmentation, age spots, and sun damage. The goal was to provide a brighter, radiant complexion for all skin types.

The most concentrated Riversol formulation available
Featuring tranexamic acid, Beta-T, Tetrapeptide-30, and niacinimide. Four powerful ingredients selected by Dr. Rivers to reduce the appearance of dark spots, brighten, and even skin tone safely and effectively.

Hyperpigmentation is any uneven darkening of the skin. It can result from a variety of factors including sun damage, acne scars, melasma or a genetic predisposition.

It is one of the most common concerns in dermatology, yet among the most difficult to treat. Recent studies have shown that hyperpigmentation can add visible years to a complexion. This discovery has caused an increased dermatological research focus into treating and managing visible hyperpigmentation.